Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving down under

Happy December, all. I hope all the American folks had wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations, at home or abroad, with family or friends. For the first time since we've lived in Sydney, we had friends visiting during Thanksgiving, so it was a treat to invite them over for a friendsgiving feast. Each of us contributed a family recipe, and the results were delicious. 
Thanksgiving dinner 2013: a delicious combination of family recipes
from friends visiting Sydney
Besides turkey baked with a paprika dry rub, my mom's cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, roasted brussels sprouts with lemon mustard parsley dressing (from the great White on Rice Couple blog), and my friend's great-grandmother's sweet potatoes topped with brown sugar-pecan streusel, we also had some mouth-watering desserts. 
chocolate chip pecan pie, mini and uber-mini pumpkin pies, vanilla bean whipped cream
Instead of one big pumpkin pie, I made a few personal servings in 4-ounce le cruset dishes and mini-pie-shots in espresso mugs-- these topped by a dollop of my friend's vanilla whipped cream were just right... paired slices of her boyfriend's homemade chocolate chip pecan pie (sans corn syrup!).  
gooey chocolate chip pecan pie (no corn syrup here!),
and an espresso-sized shot of pumpkin pie with vanilla bean whipped cream
More importantly than enjoying some fantastic food, however, we all learned a little more about each other through the shared family recipes, which sparked conversations about quirky traditions and stories from Thanksgiving holidays past. I haven't spent Thanksgiving with my family in Texas in nine years, but have had some great meals with friends in England and Australia every year abroad. This year might have been one of my favorites. 

Thankful for friends and family, and the incredible people I've been able to meet (and food I've been able to eat!) in my expat travels over the last decade. And thankful for you for stopping by-- may you continuously find things for which you are thankful wherever life takes you.

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