Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I've been away from the blog for almost a month now; how time flies!  Since the last post I have packed up and moved from England to Australia, found a place to live, and started a new job.  All going well, but it's taken a while to set up in a new country.  I finally got a fridge, and next week I'll have internet at home: two essential elements for writing a food blog!

Most of my cooking items (and the rest of our 'personal effects') are on a boat floating this way as I type.  I'd like to think they're rounding the Cape of Good Hope right about now.  They should arrive sometime in November.  Till then, I've got a few things that I've picked up here over the last couple of weeks, plus the items I packed in my suitcase (US measuring spoons/cups, a covered pyrex dish, a non-stick cookie sheet, a red silicon spatula, three sizes of biscuit cutters, a wine key, and a lovely cheese knife-- kind of funny what I considered 'essential' at the time I was packing).  

The food here is wonderful.  They have a way of beautifully preparing things so that the simple goodness of fresh ingredients shines through.  I've had the best coffee I've ever tasted (including Italy), the platonic form of a chicken sandwich, and conversation-stopping yum cha (dim sum).  I can't wait to share the inspiration of these culinary finds.  We're also coming into spring, and summer is just around the corner. The hearty soups and hot meals that, for me, have always signaled October-February are going to be swapped for lighter fare as I negotiate the upturned seasons.  

So lots to come, but thanks for your patience as I get settled into this new country and a new kitchen!