Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cocktails in teacups

No recipe, but last weekend we had cocktails at Hemingway's on Manly Beach. Awesome café during the day that serves perfect coffees and iced water in old Hendrick's gin bottles in a Hemingway-esqe atmosphere: author quote on one wall, vintage, tome-lined bookshelves on the other, rustic wooden tables and chairs, metal stools... waves crashing out the front door.

iced water in Hendrick's gin bottles and perfect coffee at Heminway's, Manly Beach, Sydney @ SouthernSpoon blog

At night, they serve a small menu and a long list of cocktails, which come served in Hendrick's china teacups. Amazing. The cucumber-infused, apple tea and rose gin cocktail was a lot less girly than it sounds. A refreshing sip (though probably not strong enough for old E. Hem. himself). Highly recommended if you're ever on Sydney's North Shore.

cocktails in Hendrick's gin china teacups at Hemingway's on Manly Beach, Sydney @ SouthernSpoon blog

(This is not a sponsored post, just sharing what we like around here).

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